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งานมาตรฐานระดับโลก ใน Navara HARMOTECH จัดมา...UDC CAR AUDIO จัดให้
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Luxury Nissan Navara with Hi-End System

This column may say that “truck is not a truck” because this Nissan Navara had changed to Luxury look and put the Hi-End audio system inside. The word luxury that I said means every inch in this truck are so luxury since you opened the door. This project was born at UDC Car Audio, who is a professional car audio shop, guaranteed with so many prized from EMMA and IASCA, not only the competition in Thailand but they won the prize from these competition around the world.

Pioneer is source, Harmotech as a system

Because this Navara use Pioneer ODR Series as source of the system and use Harmotech as amplifiers and speaker system, so this system starts with Pioneer ODR, the top class from Poineer, work together with 8 inch Advanz LED monitor and DVD player modified from Nissan Teana made. This system was separated into 4 main frequencies by Pioneer ODR Processor, that is subwoofer frequencies, low frequencies, mid frequencies, and hi frequencies. Easily that the separated frequencies had driven one by one with Harmotech H-2 series, the first H-2 use for drive Harmotech H-10, the 10 inch subwoofer, the second H-2 use for drive 7 inch woofer of Harmotech H-7.3B, mid frequencies of H-2 drive 3 inch of Harmotech H-7.3B, and last Harmotech H-2 drive tweeter of Harmotech H-7.3B. The wiring system use Furutech both Battery wire, speaker wire, and signal wire use Furutech F-220, the new series of Furutech that use Rhodium plug. Fuse terminal use Furutech ANL fuse type.



Installation and decoration is very neat

The owner of this Navara proudly to presented the decoration because dash-board was re-designed for easy access when we’re driving, the Pioneer ODR head unit was installed between air duct, the Advanz 8 inch monitor fit under the head unit, the re-designed dashboard was wrap by brown Akantara leather. Beside the dashboard is the A-Pillar that was the placing of 3 inch and tweeter wrap with brown Akantara leather also. 7 inch Harmotech H-7.3B fit in the left and right door. The two seat of this Navara are also wrap with brown Akantara leather and add up with luxury pattern. Behind the front seat was the placing of 4 amplifiers, the amplifiers was lay on the backside shows the circuit board, arranging into 2 steps, the ODR processor was placed on the bottom of amplifiers rack. All works wrap with light-brown Akantara leather. Lastly this system decorated with orange LED light, it looked so cool and warm.

It’s not too hard that this Navara will win the prize from car audio competition, because of every inch of details that UDC made from original Navara changed to Luxury Navara. So we accepted the professional work of UDC Car Audio. Next issue of cool car, please catch up what it will happen. See you…

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